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About Rob

Hi, I'm Rob Pitt.


I've worked in the field of coaching and development for over 20 years, and I'm an International Coach Federation PCC certified individual, team and relationship systems coach (PCC, CPCC, ORSCC). 


I coach leaders in organisations and private clients, helping them to gain self-awareness and insight that enables them to improve their impact and results, and navigate the challenges they face more easily and skilfully.  

I also work with relationships of all shapes and sizes, including partnerships, co-workers, teams, and larger organisational systems, helping them to increase alignment around shared purpose and goals, improve relationships and trust, and communicate more effectively. 

I have worked with people from many walks of life, including young offenders, business owners, professionals, families, MBA candidates, and leaders and teams from some of the worlds largest (and smallest) organisations. I'm associate consultant for at several business consultancies and an associate lecturer and member of the executive coaching panel at Warwick Business School.

My goal is to help people, teams and organisations to live and lead in more conscious, purposeful and life-affirming ways.

If you'd like to discuss how I might be able to help you or your team please click the button below.

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